The number one question asked of HOMESTYLING101 by potential clients is:

Can you help me with my windows?

At HOMESTYLING101, we believe that Window Treatment Design is more than just making a window look pretty.  We believe a well-designed window treatment must achieve the following:

  • Meet the needs and wants of the client
  • Address the functional needs of the room (privacy, light control, energy efficiency, etc.)
  • Coordinate with, complement and enhance the design aesthetic
  • Fit within the budget

Most homeowners are daunted by the vast amount of decisions to be made when selecting window treatments and are nervous about the cost involved. HOMESTYLING101 will keep you from making a costly mistake when selecting and designing window treatments for one room or a whole house. HOMESTYLING101 has a team of experts who will handle it all: from measuring, to designing, to installation. We've got it covered for you!

Stuck with window treatments you aren't happy with or even no window treatments at all? Give us a call to find out how we can develop a Window Treatment Design that works well for your space and budget!