Our job is to create not only a space that you love but even more importantly, a space that you love that functions well for you and your family. This functionality is achieved first and foremost through effective space planning. A room with great space planning feels balanced and inviting. A room with poor space planning feels unsettling, off-kilter and just never feels quite right.

Is the rug the right size? Is there enough space to walk around that dining table? Is the sofa too far away from or too close to the television? Is the television too high? Can those armchairs fit under the custom table?

All of these are behind-the-scenes dimensions that HOMESTYLING101 considers when developing an effective space plan for your home. It is our job to make sure the function supports the beauty in our design. In our experience, homeowners find the furniture they like, however, they falter when they purchase the sizes that do not optimize the use of their space. When they purchase sofas that are too large, rugs that are too small, ultimately, they are disappointed with the end results.

HOMESTYLING101 will utilize our expertise combined with cutting-edge tools to solve your space planning needs and keep you from making costly mistakes. As a Full-Service Design Client, you will receive a color-rendered floor plan of your space and 3-D renderings, when needed, to effectively communicate the space plan.